A proven process of success

Whether it’s a grass roots facility, a pilot plant, or a plant modernization, Chemstress’ emphasis on quality, service, timeliness of delivery, and cost control leads to solutions that meet or exceed its client’s expectations.

The scope of assignments undertaken by Chemstress is comprehensive and includes, but not limited to,:

    • Facility Commission/Start-Up
    • Facility Operations Audit
    • Facility Upgrades/Modifications
    • Grass Root Facilities
    • HAZOP/EPA Evaluations
    • Pilot/Semi-Works Plants
    • Facility Inspections & Evaluations
    • Processing/Storage Facilities
    • Plant Re-Commissioning Plant Relocations
    • Retirement & Demolition
    • Retrofitting of Equipment
    • Site Ergometrics
    • Site Surveys
    • Support Design/Build
    • Technical Feasibility Studies
    • Vapor & Dust Control
    • Water Treatment

Count on Chemstress to:


  • Provide a complete, cost effective proposal outlining the scope of work to be performed
  •  Handle part or all of multi-faceted project seamlessly
  • Apply professional engineering practices in each task undertaken
  • Help your projects stay on time and on target