Extensive experience including the preparation of all necessary plans, profiles, details, specifications, estimates, calculations, forms and submittals necessary for construction of many types of projects.

Civil Engineering Design

  • Evaluate existing conditions and alternatives to produce most economical and practical design recommendations
  • Includes site development, roadway, parking lots, storm sewers, water lines, gas service lines, storm water retention/detention systems, containment systems, general industrial, etc.

Structural Engineering Design

  • Includes foundation designs for various types of buildings, structures and equipment
  • Building structural systems: structural steel, pre-cast concrete, cast-in-place concrete, and timber structures
  • Structural design of building types including industrial, warehouse, and process facilities 

Structural Analysis

  • Evaluates whether a specific structural design will be able to withstand external and internal stresses and forces anticipated for the applied uses

Vibration & Corrosion Analysis

  • Inspection and evaluations of both proposed and existing structures to compare the natural frequencies to the imposed frequencies, and determine suitability, or make recommendations for compliance
  • Inspection and evaluations of existing structures for levels of deterioration, and determine suitability, or make recommendations for compliance

On-Site Surveys

  • Acquires necessary topography, and establishes the vertical and horizontal control for projects
  • Performed in accordance to the project scope of services established during the preliminary design

Construction Observations

  • Includes observation and reporting of daily construction activities in terms of labor, materials, equipment, and methods provided by the contractor
  • Determination of conformance of the construction activities in accordance with the drawings and specifications.