Since 1965

Chemstress Consultant Company® is a full service, multi-disciplined engineering organization offering engineering/design, procurement, construction, construction management, EPCM and EPC services for the chemical, petrochemical, polymer, power generation/distribution, industrial and manufacturing industries.


Bob Handelman, a 1958 graduate of Iowa State, started Chemstress Consultant Company in 1965, "I started Chemstress with a 1917 typewriter in my home".    It started with a vision of an efficient engineering organization that provided outstanding services at a reasonable price.  The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company soon took notice of Mr. Handelman’s vision and passion, and awarded Chemstress with its first purchase order, and Goodyear remains a top client of Chemstress today.

Chemstress has survived and grown by hiring experienced professionals at all levels, who provide high quality documents, as well as provide services that are cost competitive, with a close eye on schedule.  Chemstress values its reputation for providing outstanding customer service in each area of its operations.  This attitude is a key contributor to the success of the Chemstress organization and the customers it serves.

Mr. Handelman continues to provide his vision for the Chemstress Consultant Company as Chairman.